私たちの協働学習プラットフォームは COIL* 手法に基づいた7つのステップから構成されています。(*Collaborative Online International Learning)



*プログラム期間は約1ヶ月です。英語力や選択テーマにより異なりますが、週に5 - 10 時間程度の学習が必要となります。



Get to know each other

Via Group Chat, you will play some games that allow team members to get to know each other well, such as "find 5 things in common" and "virtual scavenger hunt". Let's make friends from different cultures!


Select comparison topics together

Your team will discuss and determine what to research and compare in your team through the program period. You can choose culture aspects like food, music and transportation, and SDGs such as no poverty and quality education, depending on your interest.


Read articles for selected topics

Your team will be assigned to reading articles based on the selected topics. Let's read them to be on the same page with team members and prepare for the discussion!


Research your country for selected topic

Your team will receive sample questions for the selected topic. Let's research your countries' situation for those questions and more! You will realize that you have not understood the situation even for your own country. Let's consider fun facts to share with your team, too!


Share your findings and thoughts

Let's fill in the formatted comparison chart and more, in order to share your findings and thoughts with your team. If you want, you can explain them via video chat. Team members will be surprised to see what you found in your country because it might be 100% new for them!


Organize teams' presentation

Let's organize all findings from the team together into a presentation material. What did each of you learn? How different is each country? What can we do to make the situation better? The discussion and presentation material will be your treasure!


Make a presentation (optional)

If you would like to make an online presentation to get feedback from other teams, you have an opportunity to do so. Let's discuss role-sharing in your team for the presentation!

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