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Online Intercultural Exchange TOMODACHI Program

Build your intercultural skills and make friends around the world in 4 days!

For high
school students​

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Why join this program?

  • You can learn how to interact in a global and diverse world while in your home country.

  • One of the most effective alternatives for study abroad programs.

  • Develop your curriculum vitae. An official certificate of completion is awarded to the participants at the end of the program.

Program Overview


  • Join online from your home. In 4 days, meet new people and learn other cultures.(Group partners could be from Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Cambodia as of the present. More countries are soon to join!)

  • There will be sufficient admin support ready to attend to every student for the whole duration of the program.

Latest Schedule

Please contact us if you are interested in the program since every month we will hold this program and the schedule is adjustable based on your request.


High school students from around the world (Only teachers or school club/group leaders can apply with 3 students at minimum.)

Entry requirement

  • Students must be able to attend all four days (students from the other country are looking forward to interacting with you, so please attend all four days unless you have a valid reason not to!)

  • You must have an internet-connected device and a Google account (as we will be using Zoom and Google Slides, you will need an internet-connected computer or tablet and a Google account such as Gmail).

Activity Overview

Day 1

Brief introduction of country and culture. Then, small groups with diverse sets of people will talk in rotations based on a topic.

Day 2

Student group from one country will interact with multiple groups from different countries. Fill out a worksheet with learnings & observations.

Day 3

Video chat with the same multiple groups as on Day 2 and continue the previous conversation or enjoy a new one.

Day 4

After each group shares their learnings and insights, we'll conduct small group chat rotations, just like on the first day, and have fun talking!

In preparation for Day 2, students will share photos and descriptions of their hobbies & traditional things by posting on an online bulletin board.

In preparation for Day 3, post and share the questions that has been written on the worksheet beforehand on the online bulletin board.

To prepare for the final day, student groups with people from their own countries to fill in a format that will serve as a guide for mini presentations. 

Warm-up on Day 1
Group chat based on posts on BBS
スクリーンショット 2022-09-03 13.23.27.png
Group Photo on Day 4
スクリーンショット 2022-09-06 12.57.36.png

Students' Voices

ECoN-Mapua Presentation Day.png

"Opened up my mind more with bright talented students around the world, learn language and cultural differences."

"I enjoyed talking with the Japanese students more than I expected. It was interesting to be friends with people from other country."



If you would ilke to join the TOMODACHI Program, please contact us (Click Here)

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